About us

About us

The cool clear waters around Orkney are brimming with fish and shellfish, scallops and mussels grow slowly, ensuring a greater intensity of flavour.  This flavour is deliciously enhanced by the skillful peat smoking techniques learned over centuries.

Lamb from the unique breed of seaweed fed North Ronaldsay sheep, is prized by many chefs and Orkney beef is exported to some of the finest restaurants in the UK.

Dairy herds grazing in the pastures during summer give the Orkney cheeses a wonderful fresh flavour and a creamy depth to the rich butter.

The long summer days allow heritage tomatoes and fruits to ripen, giving ingredients for tasty seasonal dishes and even Orkney wine.

Of course Orkney is a Scottish Island and one cannot mention Orkney food produce without including the intense, peaty flavour of the Islands’ distinctive whisky from the Highland Park and Scapa distilleries.

Local butchers and grocers offer a great selection of produce all year round and whether you are shopping for food or eating out, we hope to bring you information on where to get the true flavour of Orkney.

If you have experienced any of the culinary delights of Orkney, please let us have your views by completing the comments box at the end of each article or by filling in the contact us form.